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How to make Calgary bathroom renovations work for you

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It’s very important to note that the process of renovating a house will vary from place to place. For that matter, the steps in renovating just one part of the house will be different wherever you go. For example, if you are going to live in places in Canada – say, Calgary – you will need to adjust to what the popular d├ęcors are in the place. The following quick guide will walk you through the process of renovating a bathroom in Calgary. Calgary bathroom renovations are most easily done with the help of professionals. We’re not discounting the fact that you can go down the DIY road, here. Just that, it’s a lot easier, not to mention convenient, when done with the help of a professional bathroom renovator or contractor. They will know what the popular choices are already, without having to spend time on research. You, on the other hand, will have to stay up for several nights in order to learn how to renovate a bathroom yourself. It’s generally inefficient, let alone time-consuming. Some people might argue that the DIY route is always cheaper. This article will tell you that it’s cheaper, but it comes with a “price.” In return for the savings you get by doing renovations yourself, you are cutting down on the quality and durability. Therefore, you lose more money in the long run.

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How much does it Cost to Do a Home Renovation?

How much does it Cost to Do a Home Renovation?

The costing of home renovation depends on multiple factors like the volume of work, size of your home, several rooms, material requirement, Tear Down and Reengineering works, new constructions, labor cost, transport, and other related aspects. Preparing a checklist of materials and processes with the approximate individual costing can give you an idea about the overall cost. Of course, there could be changes to the budget at the time of material procurement and project implementation. But you have to ensure the inflation doesn’t go beyond the manageable tolerance limits.
Material Cost
Living Room

You will need material for the living room flooring, carpeting, wall and ceiling painting, lighting, storage unit remodeling, furniture and fixture, lounge, etc.
Flooring Renovation

You may want to change the entire flooring from the existing type to a new model. You may opt for hardwood, ceramic, marble, porcelain, or others. You may also choose Concrete or granite, depending on the sophistication you want or the budget you have.
Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is highly aesthetic in appearance. It is also a symbol of luxury and authentic culture. It is durable for decades with minimum maintenance. You can experience the best acoustic effects from television, music systems, and other multimedia devices when played over the hardwood flooring.

Hardwood flooring comes in a vast range of colors, wood stains, patterns and designs. It is very easy to removable carpets on the hardwood floors with a few adhesives. But the cost-per-square-foot of hardwood can be relatively more than the other forms of flooring.
Ceramic Flooring

Ceramic flooring is tough and durable. The cost is relatively less compared to hardwood per-square-foot. It is also easy to maintain. It is possible to print multiple patterns and designs on ceramic at lower costs. It is also easy to cut and shape ceramic with the help of simple tools.

Ceramic floors could be slippery when the surface finishing is too smooth. So, you may have to ask the contractor to increase the surface roughness with larger and coarse grains. Or you may have to carpet the floor from wall to wall. It can result in higher costs, depending on the size of your living room.
Other Flooring

Marble may cost you relatively more per-square-foot. But it can have a highly appealing surface finishing. Marble also comes in a vast range of colors, designs, patterns, and grains. Marble increases the elegance and sophistication levels.

The other expensive material for living room flooring could be granite. It is perhaps the most expensive of the materials you can find. At the same time, it is the most luxurious and durable material. The colors and shades available with granite depend on the processing methods after extraction. But the options are relatively lesser compared to the other classes of materials.
Wall renovation

The simplest method of wall renovation is painting. You may choose matte, enamel, satin, semi-gloss or fully-gloss paint. You may add glazes, crystals, or other glittering agents to make the painting more appealing and luxurious. You have to calculate the cost-per-square-foot of painting. You may choose to panel of walls instead of painting. In such cases, the cost may vary.

There could be more to wall renovation than paint. You may wish to add plates, photographs, or simply create a gallery wall. In such cases, the cost will be more. It depends on the individual value of the add-ons you decide to put on the wall. Decorating with attractive lamps and lighting system can also increase the cost.
Ceiling Renovation

Wooden panels, bead-board, platter, textured painting, beams, coved patterns, and coffered structures are some of the unique methods in which you can renovate the ceiling in your living room. Chandeliers and ceiling lamps with luxurious finishing can also elevate the structural design of the living room ceiling.
Window and Door Renovation 

Windows renovation is considered to be a classical act, which requires innovation and creative ideas. The cost of window renovation depends on the material, quality, size, and the kind of add-on you want to be in place. You may choose luxurious window styles or minimalist ones.

Floor to ceiling windows is ideal for lounges. The quality of wood and glass you use for the making of windows will have their implications on the cost. It is better to sit and discuss with your home architect, before making the material plan.
Other Rooms

Similarly, you have to make a plan for the renovation of other rooms from the kitchen, bedroom, study room, and the kids’ rooms. You will be able to get a checklist for every room with the approximate costs.
Other Costs

The cost of renovation will increase when you plan for additional furniture and fixture, electrical installations, lighting, storage space, cooking space, and others.

The cost you pay for the workers, designers, and architects will also be a part of the investments you have to make. Working with novice and less experienced teams may be economical. But it can result in added expenses for the other aspects listed above.

Transport of material, men, and other resources will also cost money. You can save a lot when you choose a material supplier in your city. You should consider storing a large volume of material and getting supplies in smaller quantity as required. It depends on many factors like distance from the suppliers' warehouse and your home.
The probability of rework after a part of renovation gets completed can further increase the costs. Hence, you have to ensure the proper implementation of the design in the first instance.
Conclusion experienced contractor agency will have the complete procedural approach for cost estimation for the renovation project. They can give you the nearest possible accurate budget plan for your project. They can estimate the costs before a single piece of material has arrived at your doorstep. Using the state of the art software systems, they can walk you through the renovated house virtually. You can make all the required changes before taking the steps for project implementation.

What Steps are Required to Get Ready for Home Renovation

What Steps are Required to Get Ready for Home Renovation


Home renovation is a process of extending, modifying, and transforming its exterior and interior structure and design. You may start from the roofing and go on to the stairs in a sequence of steps. Every step will have sub-sections for every room in your house. It takes detailed planning and preparation.


Step 1- Design First

Creating a design model is perhaps the first step for getting ready. You need to contact an architect, an interior designer, and of course, a contractor. It would be better if you can get all the services from a single business entity since coordination will become streamlined. The designer may use software to or drawing board to model the design.

TDRE Vs Improvement

The first question you have to answer is whether you want to Tear Down and Reengineer or improve on the existing structure. In the first approach, you may have to remove many of the exterior and interior architectural and structural elements.

In the second approach, you don’t have to make any drastic removal and replacement. It may require simple modifications. The emphasis is always on adding new elements. Once you are clear with it, you can go ahead and get the design blueprint from the architect.
Factors to Consider

The budget could one of the top priorities for consideration before design. It also requires material planning. You may have to consider other factors like labor costs, transportation, utility bills, rental/buying of equipment and tools, etc. But the first factor is material cost.
Step 2 - Material Planning

Material planning is the most critical part, which has to start with a detailed requirement for every room. The list could contain furniture and fixture, materials for flooring and ceiling, windows, doors, carpeting, electrical outlets, interior design, etc. You need to have individual plans for the living room, bedrooms, kitchen, bath and toilet, kids' rooms, dining room, and storage space, etc. Allocate the budget for every room individually and work within the limits. It can help keep a tab on the excess of material purchase, which may not be required.
Material Procurement

You can buy the material directly from the store (preferably wholesalers) or you can ask the contractors to do it for you. Then you may have to check the inventory of supplies and compare the prices with the market price for every material. It could be a boring job, but still, you got to do it. The best thing is to get a checklist from the contractor before he makes the purchase. Then you can compare the price, quality, durability, warranty, and other factors with other suppliers and make a final decision.
Material Storage

Chemicals, thinners, and paints can last for a long time in storage. Metals and laminated wood can also endure long-term storage. You have to plan the storage of non-laminated wood, cast-iron, cement, etc. It is because they can cause pollution due to heat and humidity. Raw wood can decay and cause the growth of mold and mildew.

The best way to plan your storage is to control your supplies in steps. Procure limited quantity of materials required for the renovation of each room at a time. It can also keep a tab on the quantity of material you procure, besides reducing waste to near zero. You can use the excess of material for the renovation of the next room.
Material Utilization

Keeping control of material utilization could be a complex task, especially when the architects and designers are working with the renovation workers. You may have to monitor every process from the number of paint coats the wall to the number of fasteners used for making a partitioned cabin. So, you will need a reliable person to monitor the renovation process. Make sure the person knows the basics of technical things and has good communication with the contractor and his team members. He can also take care of inventory management and material issues to the workers during the renovation.
Step 3 – Next Budget Planning

Once the material planning and process control are in place, you can plan the next stage of the budget. It includes all the other aspects from workforce salaries to interior design, architecture, utilities, furniture and fixture, etc.
Step 4 – Design and Architecture Comparison

You can explore the multiple aspects of renovation architecture and design from the same creators or try with other service providers. Your comparison methods can be based on practical, emotional, artistic, and sensual aspects. You have to decide which one is the top priority. Of course, there will be plenty of room for other priorities, within your planned budget.

Expert architects and designers can create colossal structures and designs with materials within your affordable prices. You have to view their previous sample works to determine how appealing they have been.
Step 5 – Eco-Friendly Materials

Home renovation is much more than aesthetics and designs. It is also about durability, quality, and technical feasibility. First among them is the eco-friendliness. Concrete, Paints, wood, and metals can contain contaminants like asbestos, acids, and other chemicals. The most eco-friendly materials may also contain a certain quantity of contaminants. So, you have to ensure the maximum possible eco-friendliness in the materials you procure.
Step 6 – Workers’ Evaluation

You have to ensure the skill and experience levels of renovation workers are sufficient to match your specific requirements. For example, the architect may have designed the most intricate pattern for your living room ceiling and walls. But it is the worker who will put that design into a practical structure. So, you have to ensure he understands the intricacies in detail.

The best way of evaluation is to speak directly with the workers in the presence of architects. It can clear all the doubts you and the worker may have.

By following these simple steps, it is possible to streamline the home renovation process to a considerable extent, once the project starts. You can have control over the management of materials, men, methods and money to a significant extent. The biggest benefit is you can control and reduce waste to near-zero levels.

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Where to find renovation contractors

Finding a quality renovation contractor is important if you want to make sure that your renovation project is completed without any major issues. In order to find the best renovation contractor, you need to be willing to do some research on your own.

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Corefront Homes Inc Renovations in Calgary Alberta

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Renovations in Calgary Alberta

Deciding to renovate a kitchenRenovation is a great step, since the kitchen is becoming the centre of many modern homes. Get as many ideas as you can that can work for your home’s lifestyle and culture. You could come up with a scrapbook and collect images as you do your research, and you will be amazed by the great ideas that can come up. It will be much better for you to have your own general idea before engaging a professional, since renovations come out greater when ideas are combined.

Different people have different reasons for Calgary renovation, but the steps of Home renovation are the same. Unplanned Calgary Homerenovations may cost you a lot of money on damages and mistakes; hence it is advisable to draw up a sound plan of the required steps, preferably with the help of an expert. The following steps will guide you in renovating your kitchen:

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Think about what you use your kitchen for, and the designs and patterns that best suit your lifestyle.

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