Monday, December 16, 2019

Renovating Your Kitchen? Have A Look At The Types of Cupboards You Can Get!

Are you tired of your congested kitchen? You should have an expert renovate it. Among the many things that will be introduced in your kitchen, cupboards will for sure be among them. Cupboards are types of storage cabinets mostly used in the kitchen to hold food and cookware items. They are many available finishes and styles and if you want to renovate your kitchen, you should know the many types which are in the market:

These are the types:
1. Oven cupboards
These are usually located next to the oven in a kitchen and they provide extra storage to cookware items which are frequently used. In kitchens which are small they are placed directly below or above the oven. Other kitchens have these cupboards even placed underneath the oven.
Oven cupboards are larger than the other cupboards and they normally hold the entire cookware set inclusive of grill pans and grill posts.
2. Sink cupboards
Sink cupboards are traditionally located directly under the sink and they are used to hide the sink’s pipes and plumping. They are very large and they are able to accommodate bulky and large pipes.
The interior side of the cupboard is normally damp and wet as a result of this plumbing and so it is not advisable to store food items inside these cupboards. Generally, these cupboards store cleaning supplies for countertops, the sink and floors.
3. Pantry cupboards
Most kitchens usually have separate pantry areas where food is stored. Pantry cupboards are found in this area. Apart from holding food, these cupboards hold other kitchen cooking items and utensils such as cutting boards, mixing bowls and cutting boards.
These cupboards are made from materials such as glass or wood and they are sturdy and long lasting. They offer plenty of shelving options.
There are unique cupboards which have an open section which slides in and out of the wall. This makes smaller items such as spices to be easily retrieved and accessed.
4. Wall cupboards
Wall cupboards are usually placed at the perimeter of the wall and they normally give a kitchen a stylish look.
They are used to store cups, dry goods, light cooking tools and dishes. They are also used to store fine expensive items because they can be closed. They are however not practical for heavy food items, appliances or pans because of their elevation.
They are preferred in small kitchens because they provide storage in the kitchen without consuming floor space. It is advisable to level the cabinets before hanging them. Stud finder is often used to locate wall studs.
5. Island cupboards
These are found in large kitchens which have open floors and they are structures which provide ample storage in these kitchens.
Some have drawers which are built into the bottom of the island while others have features that can be used to store wine. They are used to store a variety of kitchen items, from pots to pans to cooking utensils.
Island cupboards provide extra preparation and cooking space. Some people prefer to use them as entertaining areas for friends and family to gather while others use them as breakfast bars.
There should be enough room between the wall, the island and other cupboards and this should be considered when choosing the kitchen island. There should be enough space to open the cupboard and also space for people to walk through.
Cupboard finishes
In as much as the functionality of the cupboard is important; ensure that you get a cupboard that has a perfect finish. A cupboard finish brings out its beauty and provides a distinctive style to it. There is always a finish to complement any decor and design. The 4 coatings that cupboards have are:
• High Pressure Laminates (HPL)
These are made from paper and resin components under very high pressure. The pressure normally squeezes the HPL until it solidifies.  HPL can be decorated in any pattern that a client prefers.
• Melamine
Melamine is a chemical which is white in color and helps prevent damage of cupboards by other chemical components. Melamine coated cupboards are normally used for shelving purposes
• Paint
This is normally applied to cupboard doors using a spray gun for it to have a smooth coating. Paint can be applied and removed to give the cupboard a traditional look.
• Stain
This is a thinner dye which allows grain wood to show through. It is important to note that the color of the wood affects the stain.
Remember to engage a professional who will recommend the best cupboard for your kitchen and help you in selecting one which with a better finish. Are you looking for custom cabinets in Calvary? We have professionals who provide kitchen renovation services. We will give your kitchen a makeover with the latest cupboard designs. Don’t worry about the cost, our rates are affordable!

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