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Custom Home building Calgary

Custom Home building Calgary

Dream Home Designs are born from innovative thinking out of the box

Quality, durability, aesthetics, and affordability are the fundamental aspects of our custom home building Calgary. Our vast experience in designing, planning, architecture, construction, and material management gives you an edge in developing the most energy-efficient home in Calgary. We have a skilled and specialized team of architects, engineers, designers, engineers, and workforce who work in perfect coordination as a team to complete your project within your scheduled time. 

Designing – Challenging and Motivating Task 

 As an experienced designer, we take up every new project with a fresh approach to designing and planning. You may often wonder whether to design your building and plan later or vice versa. Our experience tells us it is better to complete both the tasks simultaneously. Designing is the stage wherein we create schematic diagrams for your home from the foundation to the superstructure. Some of the elements that we consider at this stage are 

3D Prototyping – Virtual Home View

The next step we take is the 3-D design and modeling of your new custom home from the foundation to the superstructure. We include all the installations, interior design, exterior architecture, and other structural elements in the model. 
We can take you through a complete virtual journey of your home from the exterior to the interior rooms. We can show you all the structural and design elements as they will materialize after construction. 
It is time for you to suggest changes that you may need in the constructions and designs. Our specialist designers can work closely with you to perfect all the elements and shape the structure exactly according to your needs and wants. 

Site Inspection – Critical for Stability

Site inspection gives us a clear idea about subsoil conditions, water content, stability, and durability factors. We can decide on the kind of foundation that can support multiple floors in your home for centuries without deteriorating. It is the primary criterion that helps to construct a solid foundation.

Material Planning and Procurement – Elements of Quality 

Design and plan give us an idea of material planning. We can prepare a complete document for every construction parameter with material type, quantity, and numbers. Schematic design and construction analysis will help us to estimate the material requirements accurately. Some of the basic materials for which we prepare the plan are

  • Cement and concrete 
  • Stone and metal aggregates
  • Bricks and mortar
  • Masonry materials 
  • Foundation blocks 
  • Ceramics 
  • Flooring materials 
  • Wall and ceiling materials 
  • Roofing materials 
  • Electrical materials 
  • Plumbing materials 
  • Architectural materials 
  • Interior design materials 
  • Paints and accessories etc
Our material planning starts from the foundation level and goes onto the superstructure that covers all the rooms, interior and exterior architecture, and the landscaping around your home. We can also include the costing for the materials based on the most competitive prices in the existing market. 

Design and Construction Document – Principal Guide 

Design and construction document with blueprints of design and material plan is the principal guide that makes our workflow smooth and efficient. Our team from the designers to the workers follows the guidelines accurately without any deviation tolerance. 
We follow the Canadian construction standards for energy conservation and emission elimination. The materials we select are absolutely free from all forms of pollution and contamination of the soil and surrounding environmental elements in all aspects. Stringent quality testing procedures ensure they are also free from emissions within your home after the construction is complete and your home is ready for occupancy. 

Construction Procedure - Foundation to Superstructure 

Construction management is perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of custom home building Calgary. It needs the accurate coordination of the team from the foundation to the completion of the superstructure. We have years of experience in the efficient management of 
  • Manpower 
  • Material 
  • Money (Finance) 
  • Methods 
  • Machinery and equipment 
The machinery and equipment we use for construction are high-tech, compact, power-packed, and energy saving. You can experience their impact from the stage of installing the slabs, piers, footings, and foundation walls. 
We take all the measures to set the foundational elements with the subsoil conditions, environmental conditions, and the risks of natural calamities that may exist in the construction location. Foolproof foundation design and construction ensure centuries of durability for the superstructure. 
We follow the Canadian quality standards for the construction of structures from the flooring to the roofing of your home. We ensure every element of the design and architecture is exactly according to your specific needs and wants. 

Completion of Your Home – Painting to Finishing 

 Interior and exterior painting is the basic element that can complete your home and make it aesthetically appealing. The selection of color combination depends on many factors like 
  • Architecture 
  • Design
  • Texture 
  • Shape etc 
The color combination we suggest will be unique for every individual room from the living room to the kitchen, bedroom, study room, kids’ room, garage, basement, and others. We ensure aesthetic perfection, comfort, and healing effects for your family. 
Exterior and interior finishing are the final parameters that can transform your home into the most attractive and innovative structure in your neighborhood. We have the experience and expertise in customizing all the aspects of painting and finishing.

Custom Home Building Calgary – Call Us now

 We are the most experienced and skilled service provider for your custom home building Calgary. Call us today for the best quote that is within your budget. We can give you the most accurate estimates for all elements from materials to construction-related parameters. We are the most competitive and innovative service provider you can find across Calgary who can match with all your requirements accurately to the last digit. Call us now and experience your dream custom home construction. 

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